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Tortilla rolls with beets and hummus

Grated raw beets are very tasty and crunchy! The combination with hummus is fascinating! I have tried to recreate a recipe from similar rolls which I ate at the airport in Paris, which I thought were really good. I think that these are at least as good as the originals! (In the image below there is pita bread, however I discovered later that they taste better with tortilla bread, although any kind of flat bread works fine!)

Serves 6

300 g raw beets, peeled and grated (preferably with a food processor which gives long and thin pieces)
0.5 dl sesame seeds
1 handful of coriander, chopped
2 tbsp olive oil
2 batches of hummus, according to the recipe under Melon and artichoke salad with hummus
6 tortilla breads

Mix the grated beets, sesame seeds, coriander and olive oil in a bowl. Make the hummus according to the recipe earlier in the blog. Spread a line of hummus across the tortilla bread. Distribute the beet mix on top and roll it up and eat!

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