Japanese, Wok

Wok with tofu, noodles and vegetables in a ginger and coconut sauce

This is a very tasty Japanese wok with tastes of coconut, ginger and lemongrass. (The recipe is inspired by the recipe “Yasai itameru” in The Wagamama Cookbook.)

Serves 6

150 g glass noodles, broken into smaller pieces
750 g firm tofu, diced
2 pak choi, shredded
1 sweet potato, peeled and shredded
1 red onion, cut into wedges
1 leek, sliced
100 g bean sprouts
1 handful bunch of cilantro
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1.5 tbsp lime juice
3 garlic cloves, crushed
2 tbsp finely grated fresh ginger
4 lemongrass stalks, chopped and crushed
800 g coconut milk
1 teaspoon herb salt
Oil for frying

Heat the oil in a pan. Fry garlic, ginger and lemon grass for a couple of minutes. Add the coconut milk and salt and simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Include the noodles the last couple of minutes so they will become soft. Heat the oil in another pan and fry the onion and sweet potatoes for 3-4 minutes. Add the leek and fry for another minute. Stir in tofu, pak choi, bean sprouts, cilantro, soy, sesame oil, lime juice and the coconut and ginger sauce and stir until everything has become warm. Serve!

Salad, Tex-mex

Vegetarian nachos platter

A vegetarian version of a classic dish! Feel free to make more cheese gratinated nachos than in the recipe and eat as a snack, it’s dangerously good!

Serves 4

1 batch of fried black beans (see recipe under Corn tortillas with fried beans and guacamole)
130 g tortilla chips
100 g cheese, e.g. cheddar, grated
2 dl sour cream
100 g salsa sauce
2 tomatoes, finely chopped
2 bell peppers, finely chopped
1 red onion, finely chopped
200 g corn

Preheat the oven to 225 °C. Spread the tortilla chips on a baking sheet and sprinkle with the grated cheese. Gratinate in the oven until the cheese bubbles, about 5 minutes. Prepare the fried black beans according to the recipe earlier in the blog. Mix the chopped vegetables and corn. Serve the cheese gratinated nachos with vegetables, fried black beans, a dollop of sour cream and salsa sauce.

American, Fusion, Mediterranean, Patties and burgers

Lentil burgers with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes and coleslaw

These lentil burgers have a delicious Mediterranean taste. They are nice to eat with any type of side dish. Here is a suggestion with coleslaw, which is so good!

Serves 4

1 batch lentil burgers (recipe below)
1 batch coleslaw (recipe below)
1 batch garlic yoghurt (recipe below)
8 hamburger buns (preferably wholemeal)
8 lettuce leaves
1/2 red onion, sliced
1 tomato, sliced

Prepare the lentil burgers, coleslaw and garlic yoghurt according to the recipes below. Serve the burgers in hamburger buns together with lettuce leaf, garlic yogurt, sliced tomato and red onion.

Lentil burgers with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes

2 dl red lentils
2 carrots, roughly grated
1 onion, finely chopped
1 dl sunflower seeds
3 dl oatmeal
150 g feta cheese, coarsely crumbled
1 dl sun-dried tomatoes, shredded
1 tsp herb salt
1 tsp ground chilli pepper
2 tsp oregano
Oil for frying

Boil the lentils according to the instructions on the package. Mix them with the other ingredients. Shape the batter to 8 burgers and fry them in oil until they become browned on both sides.


400 g white cabbage, shredded
2 carrots, cut into thin sticks
1/2 red onion, chopped
2.5 dl crème fraiche
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 tsp Dijon mustard
0.5 tsp herb salt
0.5 tsp ground black pepper


Garlic Yoghurt

2 dl yoghurt
1 garlic cloves, crushed


Mediterranean, Salad

Oven-roasted salad with artichokes and mushrooms

Oven-roasted vegetables with thyme and garlic together with a good cheese, crispy rocket salad and crunchy pumpkin seeds, it’s magical! (The recipe is inspired by a recipe in the magazine Buffé from 2013.)

Serves 4

500 g Jerusalem artichokes, cut into smaller pieces (preferably with skin on)
250 g champignons, sliced
2 red onions, cut into wedges
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 handful bunch of thyme, scratched
200 g mature cheese, cut into 1 cm cubes
75 g rocket
1 dl toasted pumpkin seeds
1 tsp herb salt
0.75 tsp black pepper
Olive oil for roasting
Balsamic vinegar for serving


Preheat the oven to 225 °C. Mix champignons, red onions, Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, salt, pepper and olive oil in an ovenproof dish. Roast in the oven for about 30 minutes. Mix cheese and rocket salad with the grilled vegetables. Sprinkle the salad with pumpkin seeds and drizzle with balsamic vinegar before serving.

Asian, Wok

Pak choi wok with cashew nuts

Here comes another variant of a wok with nuts and cabbage. Although this dish is very easy to prepare, and despite the relatively short ingredient list and simple seasoning it is surprisingly tasty!

Serves 3-4

2 red onions, sliced
200 g savoy cabbage (alternatively white or red cabbage), shredded
2 pak choi heads, shredded
260 g cashew nuts
1 garlic clove, crushed
2 tbsp lemon juice
1 tsp herb salt
Oil for frying

Heat oil in a wok. Fry the cashew nuts until they become golden brown. Put them aside. Fry the onions for one minute. Add the cabbage, pak choi and garlic and fry another couple of minutes. Pull the pan from the heat and mix in the nuts, lemon juice and salt. Serve!

Mediterranean, Soup

White bean soup with Mediterranean flavors

The soup may not look like much, but it is full of tasty Mediterranean flavors! (The recipe is inspired by a recipe in the magazine Buffé from 2009.)

Serves 4-5

4 dl dried large white beans
2 red onions, roughly chopped
2 red bell peppers, roughly chopped
3 celery stalks, roughly chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
8 dl broth from boiling the beans
20 g parsley
20 g dill
1 tsp herb salt
0.5 tsp ground black pepper
Oil for frying

Cook the beans according to the instructions on the package. Save 8 dl of broth from boiling the beans. Heat oil in a pan and fry onion, bell pepper, celery and garlic for a couple of minutes. Add the bean broth, half of the beans, salt and pepper and let simmer for a few minutes. Add the parsley and dill and blend the soup smooth with a hand blender. Add the rest of the beans and serve it with good bread.

Soup, Tex-mex

Spicy bean soup with guacamole

This is a rich and spicy bean soup with guacamole as icing on the cake!

Serves 7

1 batch of guacamole (see recipe under Corn tortillas with fried beans and guacamole, but preferably omit the tomato, red onion and chilli since they are anyway included in the soup)
2 dl each of three kinds of dried beans (e.g. black, kidney and borlotti beans)
2 red onions, chopped
2 green peppers, chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 kg crushed tomatoes
4 dl broth from boiling the beans
0.5 dl tomato purée
0.5 tsp herb salt
0.5 tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
2 tsp ground chilli peppers
2 tsp oregano
1 bunch of coriander sprigs, chopped
Oil for frying

Soak the beans and cook them according to the instructions on the packaging (it works fine to cook them in the same pot, just use the longest cooking time). Save 4 dl of broth from boiling the beans. Heat the oil in a pan and fry the onion for one minute. Add garlic and fry for another minute. Add the peppers, crushed tomatoes, broth from the beans, tomato purée and all the dry spices and let simmer for 5-10 minutes. Stir at last in the chopped coriander sprigs. Serve the bean soup with a large dollop of guacamole, prepared according to the recipe earlier in the blog.

European, Patties and burgers, Salad

Root vegetable patties with bean salad and yogurt

These patties have a delightful taste of various root vegetables, and since they are fried raw they feel very fresh and crisp. The patties go very well together with a bean salad with corn and a dollop of yoghurt!

Serves 5

Root vegetable patties

300g carrots, roughly grated
300 g swede, peeled and grated
300 g celeriac, peeled and grated
3 eggs
1 leek, sliced
1 handful bunch of thyme, stripped and chopped
1.5 tsp herbal salt
0.75 tsp ground black pepper
Yoghurt for serving

Mix all ingredients and shape the batter into patties. Fry them over low heat until they get browned on both sides. Serve them with a bean salad (recipe below) and a dollop of yoghurt!

Bean salad with corn

230 g cooked chickpeas (drained weight)
230 g cooked kidney beans (drained weight)
1/2 red onion, chopped
150 g corn
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 pinch of herb salt
1 pinch of ground black pepper


Mediterranean, Pizza

Pizza with beets and goat cheese

Beets are so tasty! So why not make a pizza of them together with grilled goat cheese on a crispy pizza base flavored with olive oil, red onion and rosemary! (The recipe for the pizza base is taken from Rutiga kokboken of ICA Provkök.)

Serves 4-5

Pizza base

25 g fresh yeast
2 dl water, 37 °C
1 tbsp oil
5 dl flour
0.5 tsp salt


250 g raw beets, peeled and sliced
400 g goat cheese, sliced
1 red onion, sliced
1 tbsp rosemary
1 dl olive oil

Crumble the yeast into a bowl and stir the water into it. Add the remaining ingredients for the pizza dough and knead them into a smooth dough. Prove it, covered with a baking cloth, for about 30-40 minutes. Preheat the oven to 250 °C. When the dough is proved, knead it and divide it in four parts. Roll them out to thin round cakes. Prove them on a baking sheet for about 10 minutes. Meanwhile, spread the beets, onions and goat cheese on top. Sprinkle with rosemary and drizzle olive oil. Bake them in the oven for about 15 minutes, or until golden.

Mediterranean, Pie

Potato, cheese and onion pie with rosemary

I really like the taste of this pie. It has many tasty ingredients but no flavor takes over, but all instead contribute to a unique combination of the different mild flavors. The pie crust is made only of curd and flour which makes it crispy and not as heavy as a puff pastry, which is ideal when making a cheese pie I think.

Serves 4


250 g Kesella
2.5 dl wholemeal wheat flour


3 eggs
3 dl milk
1 tsp herb salt
1 pinch of ground black pepper
1 pinch of ground white pepper
1 pinch of ground nutmeg
400 g potatoes (about 4), thinly sliced
150 g Cheddar cheese, grated
150 g feta cheese, crumbled
1 red onion, sliced
2 rosemary sprigs, stripped

Heat the oven to 200 °C. Knead the curd and flour into a dough. Press the dough into a pie dish and prick it with a fork. Bake it in oven for about 10 minutes. Whisk together egg, milk and spices. Spread the potato slices in the bottom of the pre-baked pie crust. Spread cheddar cheese and feta cheese over the potatoes. Top with onion rings and rosemary and pour the egg mixture over. Bake the pie in the oven for about 35 minutes or until the potatoes are soft and the pie is golden brown.