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Protein pancakes

This is a classic breakfast for me! I usually make a batch in the weekend and freeze it. Each evening I put some pancakes and a bowl of frozen berries in the fridge and in the morning I just heat the pancakes in the microwave and eat them together with the berries. It’s an easy way to get a luxury breakfast every day! It is also very quickly eaten, which is good if you need to get going fast! Why spoil yourself sometimes when you can do it every day 🙂 The chickpea and soybean meal makes the pancakes more protein-rich and fulfilling than regular pancakes.

Approx. 15 pancakes

2 eggs
2 dl soy flour
2 dl chickpea flour
2.5 dl buttermilk or yoghurt
0.5 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
Canola oil for frying

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Spoon 0.5 dl batter per pancake into a pan and fry in oil on both sides until they become crispy. Serve them together with berries.

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Fruit salad with cottage cheese and nuts

This is a really good recipe for a dessert or a snack, or even a light lunch or dinner. It has a lovely combination of flavors with sweet and sour fruits, sweet honey, crunchy walnuts, fresh mint and creamy cottage cheese. By varying the fruits and nuts the dish can be varied almost indefinitely. Here’s a suggestion:

Serves 1

1 apple, diced
1 banana, sliced
1 orange, diced
100 g cottage cheese
1 handful of walnuts
3 mint leaves, chopped
honey to drizzle

Put fruits on a plate and top them with cottage cheese, nuts, mint and honey.